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IRemember Project Screen Cast


ASP.NET MVC Web Api – IE 9 Shows download popup on HttpResponseMessage with content

If you are using Jquery File Upload / Kendo File Upload with ASP.NET web api, returning the content cause Download dialog in IE9. To fix this issue, in your Web api controller use

Sharepoint Interview Questions

1. What Do you know about SharePoint Object Model? Ans. In Sharepoint Object model there are two Important namespaces. The Microsoft.Office.Server namespace is the root namespace of all Office Server objects and Microsoft.SharePoint is the root namespace for all WSS objects. The Chart Below illustrates some of the key classes contained in each of these … Continue reading

List of .NET Libraries

Dependency Injection/Inversion of Control Unity Framework – Microsoft StructureMap Castle Windsor NInject Spring Framework Autofac Managed Extensibility Framework Logging Logging Application Block – Microsoft Log4Net – Apache Error Logging Modules and Handlers(ELMAH) NLog Compression SharpZipLib DotNetZip YUI Compressor (CSS and JS compression/minification) Ajax Ajax Control Toolkit – Microsoft AJAXNet Pro Data Mapper XmlDataMapper AutoMapper ORM … Continue reading

Silverlight 2 Reverse Countdown Timer Control

Created a very simple silverlight 2 reverse count down timer control. Download the sourcecode here :

Calling WCF Service from Silveriight 2

Here is a quick example how you can call WCF Service using silverlight 2. Add a service reference in Silverlight Protject See Below for code example….

Bad Habits as a Professional

Bad Habit: Missing deadlines. What you think: “If it’s only a little late, it doesn’t mean anything.” What it really says: Your colleagues and boss can’t count on you.  What to do: Don’t view deadlines as negotiable. Remind yourself that people are counting on you to do your job well, which includes completing tasks on … Continue reading

How do i Read Write Oracle CLOB data in ASP.NET or VB.NET ?

[KEYWORDS: ASP.NET READ WRITE CLOB DATA, VB.NET READ WRITE ORACLE CLOB DATA, ORACLE CLOB, CLOB, ORACLE CLOB READ WRITE] Oracle has Varchar2 with max length of 4000 chars. If you need to sore more than that you have to use CLOB datatype CLOB stores 4gb of chars. But remember, .NET Only supports string worth 2gb. … Continue reading

Logging Events

Logging Events  Why do we need to Create EventLog ?  No matter how well written and tested an application is, chances are high that there will be a bug or some unexpected behavior. Moreover, users typically aren’t developers and don’t use the same terminology that developers are accustomed to. It’s common to have users report … Continue reading